Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was a busy summer!

EH's GOLE Project Manager Lynda Lukasik and summer intern Adam DeSousa spent the summer months organizing new efforts to promote the green economy and green jobs in Hamilton.

Efforts began to build the framework necessary to create a Green Business Directory for Hamilton. To start, our focus will be on renewable energy and value-added local food products. The directory will ultimately be posted to the Environment Hamilton website for public access.

Work on a Green Business Directory also led to discussions around Fair Trade, partly through recognizing that, while we are committed to promoting local production of local needs, we'll always import goods into our community. This led us to embark on an effort to see Hamilton formally certified as a 'Fair Trade Town' through TransFair Canada.

Our goal to see Hamilton become a Fair Trade Town evolved very quickly over the summer and we have already been recognized on the TransFair website as a 'Fair Trade Town In Progress'. The last major goal we need to satisfy to become a full-fledged Fair Trade Town is to get the city to commit to using Fair Trade products and supporting the local Fair Trade campaign. Our hope is that we'll secure this commitment soon after the October 25th municipal election.

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