Monday, March 8, 2010

Managing Without Growth - Slower By Design Not Disaster

York University professor Dr. Peter Victor will be the keynote speaker at Environment Hamilton's upcoming Annual General Meeting, set for April 8, 2010, starting at 7pm at the Hamilton Board of Education's downtown auditorium. Dr. Victor is one of a growing number of economists challenging the current assumptions that prevail within our market economy. At the core of his critique are concerns about reconciling the infinite growth model that dominates in the market economy with the reality of the planet's finite resources. Dr. Victor's perspectives are critical for anyone interested in determining how best to move forward with an effective plan for creating a green, sustainable economy.

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Peter Victor challenges the priority that rich countries continue to give to economic growth as an over-arching objective of economic policy. The challenge is based on a critical analysis of the literature on environmental and resource limits to growth, on the disconnect between higher incomes and happiness, and on the failure of economic growth to meet other key economic, social and environmental policy objectives.

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